Kala Dunger Of Kutch

In ancient times Pachchhamayi was known as Shesha Pattan where there was a kingdom of Naag people. then Sanghar Monarchy defeated Naag monarchy & Sanghar princess Tagai Shangar was reiging the empire. Tagai was the most beautiful lady of Shesha Pattan, so was known as Pachchham Padamani. Tagai had taken an oath to Kill all the Naag monarchs.

Maarvadi Naagraj Bhrungraj Bhujang’s mother was from Kutch. Bhittiraj Bherua and Bhrungraj became enemies because both wanted to wed Tagai (the Sanghar Princess). Bhujang & Bherua both were disciples of Lakh Guru Duttatreya. Guru felt so sad because both were his disciples & were fighting for a woman. But for some intrigue reasons & to finish the war he blessed Bhujang that he had to cross the sea from Saurashtra to come into Kutch, then Bherua would not be able to defeat him & could not use his skills too. As Guruji said, both fought badly & Bherua died finally. Then the Temple was built.

One more true story is that, Guru Duttatreya was praying at Black Hills for so many years. Speechless animals were being fed here at his place. Once a hungry fox came to him. Guruji hadn’t have anything with him. Thee was a unwritten rule that no one was going empty stomach from his door. For keeping the rule on, he cut one of his limbs to fed that fox. Since that day, everyday foxes from around comes to eat PRASHAD both of the times. Even no one at this place eats anything before feeding the foxes.

There are many related & evident stories about this place. There is a hidden cave which directly draws to Geemar, which is banned for humans now.
Since the period of Shri Ramchandraji, who was the first official Pujari of this Temple. The temple is maintained & worshiped by disciples & other locals. Specially people from Khavda village which is one of the leading village of this sub-island comes almost everyday here to look after this place.


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