Narayan Sarovar Temple

The temples, the chief buildings in the place, are surrounded by a fortified wall, outside of which cluster the villagers’ houses. It was formerly connected with the mainland by a yellow stone causeway, about 3000 feet long and fifteen wide, built in 1863 by a Bhatia of Bombay, named Gokaldas Liladhar Padsha, at a cost of about £2500 (1,00,000 Kutch koris). Now the new causeway is built.

It was in very ancient times famous for its great lake. This, agreeing with the account of the lake found by Alexander, and perhaps lasting till the change of the course of the Indus river (about 1000), was in part renewed by the earthquake of 1819. Beside the lake, there was, from early times, a temple of Adinarayan in the village. For long under priests of the Kanphata sect, the temple was, about 1550 (Samvat 1607), wrested from them by a Sanyasi or Atit named Narangar from Junagadh. Narangar made long and broad embankments about the pool, an oblong sheet of water, 1056 feet by 990, divided by perforated stone walls into a number of bathing places, and furnished on all sides except the east with flights of stone steps, and surrounded by rest-houses.

There are seven stone temples in a paved courtyard of 164 feet by 62 1⁄2. The temples are approached from the lake by flights of stone steps and surrounded by a strong wall. Vagheli Mahakunvar; the wife of Rao Deshalji I, Rao of Cutch State; displeased with the priests of Dwarka, after taking counsel with her Brahmans, determined to raise Narayansar to be a place of rival sanctity.

Accordingly, in 1734, she first built the temples of Lakshminarayan and Trikamray in the same style as the Dwarka temples, assigning them the revenues of certain villages and the proceeds of certain taxes, and then those of Adinarayan, Govardhannath, Dwarkanath, and Lakshmiji.


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